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An earlier life: MusicRadio 77WABC
A big deal radio personality from 1971
Never be late AGAIN! (Atomic Clock)
Another earlier life: 68/WRKO

     We want to thank you for your support of this wonderful family-oriented industry, AIRSHOWS.
     I sincerely appreciate anyone who makes an effort to seek me out on or around the announcing stand to say "Hello," especially at the Championship Air Races at Reno, where we are all IN the spectator area, at ground level.
     Thanks again.


  One Fine Announcer 

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     CHECK YOUR WEATHER in as much detail as you want! Especially useful if you're going on vacation, a business trip or TO AN AIRSHOW!

Currently in Scottsdale, Arizona,
Reno, Nevada Temperature

American Federation of Television & Radio Artists, Screen Actors Guild; International Council of Air Shows, Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association
"Frank Kingston Smith" is my full and proper name registered with AFTRA and SAG; it is my registered trade mark.
"One Fine Announcer" is registered as a Service Mark.

Commercial Voice-over, Industrial & Documentary Narrator, On-Camera Spokesperson. Live Events Announcer,
Trade Show & Convention Presenter; Airplane Pilot, Skilled with firearms; Weight 220; Height 6'2"; Hair & Eyes Brown; Suit 46 L/XL

National Representation for commercials and motion pictures:
Ruth Leighton, The LEIGHTON AGENCY inc.,


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